For English and Italian speaking patients


West-Pomeranian Institute of Psychotherapy (Zachodniopomorski Instystut Psychoterapii, or ZIP) is a renowned mental health institution based in Szczecin, offering broad range of services aimed at mental health prophylaxis as well as treatment of mental disorders.

At ZIP one can find comprehensive help in virtually every aspect of psychological functioning, beginning from counseling, through various forms of case management, to the majority of evidence-based treatment methods found in modern psychiatry, which makes ZIP one of the most versatile psychiatric and psychotherapeutic outpatient institutions in Szczecin.

Aid for English and Italian speaking patients

We provide help for both adult patients and children. All our employees, i.e. psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists, are excellently trained in their areas of expertise and have rich and long-term experience in providing various forms of mental health services in various environments.

They all have perfect command of English and Italian. We offer psychiatric and psychological diagnosis as well as pharmacological treatment provided by psychiatrists, individual and group psychotherapy, couples therapy and sexual dysfunctions therapy.

Areas in which our specialists provide their help include the majority of mental disorders such as: schizophrenia and other psychoses, all forms of anxiety disorders including phobias, depression as well as bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, personality disorders and mental disorders associated with somatic diseases (e. g. dementia in the course of Alzheimer disease or arteriosclerosis, senile dementia). We do not, however, limit ourselves only to psychiatric and psychological diagnosis and treatment per se, offering help in psychological crisis management (such as loss due to death, divorce, serious disease) and personal development facilitation as well.

Our English speaking specialists who can help you:

  • Magdalena JORKOWSKA (psychologist, psychotherapist)
  • Elżbieta PRAJS (psychiatrist, psychotherapist)
  • Michał SOSNOWSKI (psychologist, psychotherapist)
  • Wojciech ZBISŁAWSKI (psychotherapist)

Our Italian speaking specialists who can help you:
Agnieszka Abramowska-Szagun (psychologist, psychotherapist)

Contact us:
telephone: 91 422 60 60

or personally:
26/1A Królowej Korony Polskiej str.
70-480 Szczecin